Daily Forex Strategy – April 26, 2016

A day or two early……a day or two late.

In this environment you need to have both “conviction” as well as a “larger /macro view” in order to trade through the chop.

The U.S Dollar should finally break support here soon –  after a continued trade sideways these past few days.

Sideways sucks….we all know it, and it’s near impossible to create any kind of “alert” that can tell you ” get ready for x number of days or weeks trading flat”. You can’t beat it. You can’t win believe me……I’ve looked at it from every possible indicator / angle  known to man….and I’m a freakin genius.

This is why you learn to trade smaller.

I’m on hold gang. I’m holding short USD positions across the board and will look to load up ” big time” once I see support broken…then a bounce ( as the retail gang will load up too early ).

I wish I had more for you but this is where we are at. A market that will not go higher, but will do all it can to smash those of us with “short intentions”.

Dollar down. Stocks down. Yen to the moon  and wide scale economic panic coming soon to a theater near you.




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