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  1. Hallo Forex Kong,
    yesterday i have subscribed to your trading service. I can logon but if i want to visit for instance the member forum i get the following error message:
    Sorry but….no lurking here. Short of registering you’ll have to be satisfied with “the ramblings” back at the blog.
    What’s going wrong ? I’m logged in as Hubert. Please contact me via email. Thanks in advance.
    Regards from Germany,

  2. I am having the same problem that is in the above comment I have just sigh up so my email is please advise on how to proceed which you site is slight lacking on direction

    1. I am having the same issue as the other guys. I couldnt pay via paypal and then now in stuck in limbo. I am a member but i cant pay to access the premium members section. Whem i go to profile to pay, i see an option to pay, but it just doesnt work. Help please. Nonzy

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