Getting Started – Start Here

Let’s get right into it – I’ll show you how this is going to work. You “will” learn how to trade.

Weekly Market Overview

Every Sunday night I will be posting a “weekly market overview” outlining the general lay of the land from a “fundamental perspective” as well  “technical perspective”  ( bringing the two together ) – then moving deeper to outline potential trade ideas for the week ahead. Any given week this may include a number of currency pairs, equity markets, precious metals, bonds or any number of “other things I may track” ( or that you may be interested in tracking ) in order to get an accurate handle on current market conditions – as well identify timely trade opportunities.

From a purely technical perspective, the information will be outlined and updated in the “Trade Table” over multiple time frames, ranging from the Daily all the way down to the  5 minute.

You’ll see the weekly report every Sunday night simply by logging in, as it will be the most current post appearing directly on the home page. Weekly market overviews will also be listed on the sidebar menu under: “Forex Weekly – Overview” should you choose to tune in Monday. These reports will then serve as the basis for our trade activity during the following week, where we dive directly into the “Forex Daily – Strategies” and real-time trade activity.

We good? Great. You “will” learn how to trade.

Daily Trade Strategies

Pretty straight forward. We will evaluate markets in real-time ( based on the weekly overview ) and look to take advantage of anything “and everything” we can – to consistently extract profits. Short term trade concepts ( as low as trading on a 15 minute time frame ) as well as medium and long-term strategies will be openly discussed / observed and implemented – as “the market allows”.

Daily discussion will then pick up in “the comments section” under that particular days post. 

Don’t kid yourself. You’ll also see “several days” during any given week or month where “no trade” is the best trade so……prepare yourself for that.

Traders Knowledge Base

The traders knowledge base will serve as an “ever-expanding repository” for all pertinent information.

Based on my own personal knowledge, as well questions and discussions with “you the subscribers” – I will continue to build the knowledge base over time ( essentially drawing on everything I currently know ), as well continually posting content based on subscriber questions, real-time market experience and observation.



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