Go2Mobi – Media Buying Process

My Media Buying Process.

1. Research

Audience Research

I begin with “audience research / demographic targeting” as to immediately focus attention  on those customers most likely to take action on our offer of product or services.

Data to consider:

  • Geographic location / language spoken
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Interests
  • Previous surfing or download activity ( are we able to target potential customers that have already downloaded similar apps or expressed interest in competitors products or services?)
  • Device, Operating System, Carrier etc…

A keyword suggestion tool provides us with “basic” information as to the general search volume for a given product or service, as well a good idea as to “how competitive” the landscape may be.

Competitive Analysis / Competitive Intelligence

The use of a competitive analysis tool is an incredible time saver and provides us with extremely valuable data such as:

  • Where our competitors are already advertising. ( Which Networks, Desktop, Mobile , Video )
  • Which creatives they are currently using.
  • Which “specific websites” they are currently running campaigns on.
  • Demographic information about their visitors.
  • Duration of their existing campaigns.
  • Landing pages used.

Some examples: Airpush.com


A complete list of the “specific websites” that Airpush.com is currently advertising on ( solely via Google Adwords ) with the duration of the campaigns ( suggesting perhaps that “something must be working for them there ) as well examples of creatives used, can quickly be downloaded and  “re-created” as a “placements only campaign”.

2. Goals and Objectives   

  • Defining a realistic test budget / operating budgets.
  • Defining a desirable goal be it CPC, CPA, CPM etc…

3. Creative Design / Landing Page Coding / Split Testing

Taking what we’ve learned from our pre campaign research, creatives are developed ( with a minimum of at least 2 versions of each ) pages are coded and tested .

4. Run Campaign – Test – Optimize – Repeat

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