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It’s my feelings that a “Marketing Director” needs a skill set encompassing not only effective copy writing and creative ability –  but also considerable technical knowledge, and the ability to execute across the full range of marketing channels available.

Outsourcing work in PPC and organic search essentially putting “our brand” in the hands of people “outside our organization” – not necessarily serving our best interests.

A few quick observations ( with respect to where we are “today” ) – and how I might bring “immediate value” to our company.

Ad Words Campaign Optimization:

It’s all about relevance, and we can see some fairly “blatant” areas of concern. The ad text, adgroups, keywords targeted “and landing page content” ALL need to be 100% congruent and relevant – else Google kills your “quality score” and jacks your CPC.


Frequency capping – Our ads are currently following me around the Internet like a lost puppy.

I see the same two creatives day in / day out on a wide assortment of websites ( some of which are not even the slightest bit relevant ) while sitting in a predominantly “spanish speaking country”. No frequency cap “bombards” potencial customers with the same display advertising to such a degree that users ultimately develop a “dislike” for the company / product or service offered.

The ads are in English and I can’t imagine converting a pile of “spanish speaking media buyers living in Mexico”. The question begs to be asked…..Why are the ads running in Mexico ( and likely a number of other “foreign countries”) at all?

We’re eating impressions left and right, killing CTR’s and burning cash.

I am extremely confident that I could immediately cut the CPC costs in half – as well double the Click Thru Rate.

Landing Page Examples:

Title text needs to exactly match the keywords being targeted, as well body text needs to provide further relevance. I generally look at my landing page “pitch” as a 15 second “elevator pitch” as you’ve generally only got 15 seconds to provide the user with “exactly what they have been searching for”.

I scrap all other “irrelevant site links” and provide the user with very few options, short of hitting the join form, or possibly digging into a few more relevant details ( ad formats etc.. ) before having to make a decision.


Another quick example of some specific customer targeting:


On Site SEO Considerations:


Site Structure:

The current website has a very large number of files ( which all need to be re-named with respect to their on page content and overall site relevance ) lumped directly into the root directory folder.

http://www.go2mobi.com/lead_ppc_251 and a number of other similar pages for example –  lumped directly into the root folder with no outbound/ intra site links and essentially “orphaned”. This does not play in our favor.

As well a number of pages with fairly “ambiguous” file names and associations such as : http://www.go2mobi.com/tag/kano-apps/ leading search spiders into dark corners / dead ends and again……killing our overall relevance.

In a general sense….the over all “file structure and information architecture” needs a complete and total audit if not….a complete and total overhaul.

Social Media Considerations:

Socia media is a very difficult space for marketing B2B as…..most people see “product promotion and soliciation” primarily as SPAM.

Promoting a product or service directly does absolutely nothing to “drive engagement” – and engagement is what we need.

We need to find a more engaging angle, or something “more interesting” to talk about here as….if we want to be viewed as an interesting company – we need to create “interesting content”. Social media is far better suited for B2C activity.

I have several ideas to discuss.




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