I Lied To The Bank – Hello Internet

So I lied to the bank.

At the time I was just a starving musician, living in an illegal basement suite, moonlighting as a “commercial painter” with a group of misfits I’d met at the bar. Clinging to ladders by day, and my dreams by night – I “painted and played” enough to keep myself in “beers and macaroni” ’til the day I first caught wind of some thing they called “The Internet”.

Hello Internet.

I’d been involved with computers from a relatively early age. Deemed a “gifted child” somewhere around the age of nine, I was fortunate enough to of had a particular school teacher take an interest in me. Living in a remote area, far, far from anything….incredibly – I was given the opportunity to learn. And so I did.

It took me about 15 minutes to whip up that “skeleton business plan” I presented to the Royal Bank of Canada, outlining intentions of starting a “commercial paint company of my own”, and leaving my employer in the dust.

Loan granted, I walked directly across the street and blew the entire $3200.00 on a brand new PC computer.

Hello Internet.

Six weeks later the loan was repaid in full. Three months later I was spear fishing off the tiny Islands of St Kitts, Nevis – hosting “lobster boils” at my beach side condo.

Good bye Canada.

Hello Internet.

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