The Kongdicator – Launching This Spring

After seven years toiling over charts, plotting / scheming and analyzing markets..The Kongdicator is almost ready!

I’m extremely proud of this….just not “quite ready” to release it to the public.

I implore you to stick with the free trading information at the blog for just a short time longer, as I finalize the programming and get this thing finished. It’s been an incredible amount of work, and I am hell-bent on providing the best trade indicator / service I can!

Hang in there followers. I love you guys, and your support has been incredible.

The Kongdicator will simply work like this… years worth of market insight and knowledge all wrapped into a single indicator / service that will simply “apply” my technical trade strategy to a varied range of charts.

Ultimately I will allow users to add their own symbols and assets…..dropping The Kongdicator on’em and watching the trade signals fly.

It’s gonna be great gang…so please sit tight…..enjoy the free stuff for now and get ready to trade with Forex Kong’s Kongdicator!




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