And So It Begins…..

So this is where things start get really interesting he he he……or not.

Listen….regardless of my experience ( or your interests ) in the world of finance ( and on a completely personal level ) this blog “is” and will “always be” something that I’m incredibly proud of – moreso on a creative level than anything else.

Some time ago I looked to my “potencial wife to be” and said “Hey babe….you know what? I’m going to start blogging about all this stuff – what do you think?”. Blank stare. Vacancy. White puffy clouds. Question marks. Lead balloons. Not exactly something that made a lot of sense at the time but – as always…off I went.

I’ve always thought there was a story to tell ( as I imagine we all do ) with respect to where I’m from, where I’ve been, where I am, and where I’m going – but never really had the reason to just “write it all down”.

I’m going to pick up the story somewhere along the way and hopefully ( at some point ) bring things up to present – with hopes of “somehow” making sense of all of this. The updates will be scattered. The content “bizarre” so….

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