Transferwise – Online Money Transfer

If you’ve ever had to transfer money online then you know how expensive it can be. The banks charge outlandish fees for transferring money online, and the exchange rates are nothing short of horrendous. Up until now sending money online has been a very difficult and expensive process but as new technologies have emerged, there is finally a way to easily send money online without having to pay all those hidden costs.

Transferwise has quickly become the Internets most popular and most trusted money transfer services online, allowing you to save up to 90% as compared to the usual service offered by your bank. Transferwise utilizes breakthrough technology providing the absolute lowest currency conversion rates possible, and only charges a tiny fee for handling your transaction. You can send money online in virtually any currency to nearly anywhere on the planet as simply as using your debit or credit card. Transferwise takes care of the rest. Simple, fast and far less expensive than sending money through a bank.

Unlike a traditional bank Transferwise service uniquely takes advantage of money being transferred “in both directions” – saving you money. Transferwise converts money at the real mid-market exchange rate, with no hidden commissions and provides its members with a completely transparent way to send money online.

The Banks have always made it difficult and expensive to send money online, often requiring all kinds of information from both the party sending money – as well those receiving. Be it Swift codes, account numbers or transfer codes, not to mention the ridiculous and outrageous fees, the big banks keep taking advantage of regular people looking to send money to family and friends. Often businesses are charged even more to send money online.

Transferwise has set the new standard, and is now paving the way towards a revolution in
online money transfer. Bye bye hidden bank fees – hello Transferwise.

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